Academic Success Tools for College Students

Here's a collection of free academic success and college-writing tools for college-bound and current college students -- to help you achieve greater academic success and better grades.

Academic Success in the New Year: Making and Keeping Resolutions -- a new year (or term) is the perfect time to make changes to negative behaviors that lower your grades. Find tips for making positive academic success resolutions. 

Back to School/Back to Campus: How to Make This Year YOUR Year! -- success in school provides a mental and emotional lift. Now is the perfect time to examine past educational experience, and make plans to improve performance.

College Study Do's and Don'ts: Tips for Thriving in College -- proven study skills tips for improving academic performance in college.

Effective Note-Taking: Critical Note-Taking Do's and Don'ts -- a collection of critical tips to help you take better notes and actively listen and learn in class.

First-Year Success: 25 Tips to Help You Survive and Thrive Your Freshman Year -- high school success (or lack of it) doesn't automatically apply to college, but here are 25 expert tips to help all students survive -- and thrive -- in college.

Five Tips for Finishing the Semester (Term) Strongly -- even with just a few weeks left in a semester, students can make strategic moves to improve academic performance, raise grades, and finish strongly.

Four Student Behaviors That Will Endear You to Professors -- want to make the grade as a student, make your professor happy? Do these four things: attend all classes, sit toward the front of the classroom, participate in class, and meet deadlines.

High School Seniors: Preparing for Your Next Step -- find seven tips for navigating all aspects of college applications and thriving in your senior year -- and beyond.

How to Perform Well in Online Discussion Boards: 5 Tips -- a college professor provides key tips for how students can succeed in online discussion boards/forums.

How to Succeed in College Assignments -- learn five critical tips for improving your performance on academic assignments.

Improve Your Writing With These 25 Words That are Sure to Impress Your Readers (and Your Professors) -- good writing skills are one of the easiest ways to improve your grades, and these 25 words will build your vocabulary and impress your professors.

Next Step After High School? Some Alternatives to College -- college is not for everyone, at least not right after high school. Here are some alternative choices for teens.

Quintessential Study Skills Pledge -- taking this pledge will help empower you to greater academic success.

Study Skills Assessment -- this free assessment examines a variety of academic success and study skills topics to give you an idea of your abilities.

10 Negative Behaviors That Can Affect Your Grade -- here's a collection of the most offensive student behaviors that rile professors and can seriously affect your grades.

10 Tips for Academically Thriving in College -- includes strategies for not only surviving, but thriving in college. Here are 10 tips to help college students succeed academically.

10 Tips for Better Test Preparation -- the most important thing you can do for success in college is developing good test-taking preparation skills and habits. Use these 10 key test prep tips for better results.

10 Tips for Creating Sharp PowerPoint/Slideshow Slides -- college professor explains 10 expert tips for creating sharp, simple, successful PowerPoint slides.

10 Tips for Excellent Note-Taking -- improving academic performance starts with taking excellent notes. Here are 10 tips for excellent note-taking.

10 Tips for Finding Life Balance in College -- college is an exciting but extremely challenging time. Use these 10 tips for coping, finding life balance in school.

10 Tips for Getting Good (or Better) Grades -- a college professor offers his personal set of suggestions that all students can use to get good (or better) grades in college.

10 Tips for Improving Your Grades and Achieving Academic Success -- a collection of 10 solid suggestions that any student can use to improve grades and academic performance.

10 Tips for Proper Classroom Etiquette -- good manners and classroom etiquette should be common sense for most students. Being courteous and polite will predispose professors to like and respect you.

10 Tips for Working in Student Teams -- learning to work in teams is vital to academic and career and job success. The key to successfully working in student teams is following these 10 tips.

Test-Taking Do's and Don'ts: Key Tips for Academic Success -- reviewing these do's and don'ts will help you learn how to best prepare and study for exams. You will perform better on tests and achieve the academic success you desire.

Top College Stressors That Affect Academic Performance -- stress is inevitable in college, but not all stress affects academics. Reviews the major sources of stress for students, and what to do about them.

Top 10 Key Words Used in Essay Exam Questions -- one way to improve your performance on essay exams is to have a better understanding of what the professor is seeking by examining testing keywords.

Understanding Academic Writing: How to Make Your Paper Sound Impressive -- improve your grades and your reputation with your professor. Learn how to make an academic paper sound impressive by following these 12 keys to successful academic writing.

Ways in Which College is Different From High School -- understanding the key differences and learning how to bridge the gap between high school and college should have a greater chance for success.

When It's Time to Meet With Your Professor: 10 Do's and Don'ts for Office Visits -- some basic rules for when, why, and how you should visit with your professors during office hours or for a specific appointment.

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