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Real Jobs for Real Majors:
What Can I Do with a Major in Engineering?

Real jobs for college graduates who major in engineering.

 Explore your career choices in this section of MyCollegeSuccessStory, which provides you with real job titles and careers that correspond with specific college majors. While your degree is important, so too is what you major in while in college. 

Job titles for graduates with engineering degrees:

  • Aeronautical Engineer

  • Aerospace Engineer

  • Agricultural Engineer

  • Architect

  • Architectural Engineer

  • Automotive Engineer

  • Biomedical Engineer

  • Business Analyst

  • Chemical Engineer

  • Circuit Design Engineer

  • Civil Engineer

  • Computer Hardware Engineer

  • Design Engineer

  • Drafter

  • Electrical Engineer

  • Electronics Engineer

  • Environmental Engineer

  • Fire Protection Engineer

  • Geotechnical Engineer

  • Health & Safety Engineer

  • Heat Transfer Technician

  • Industrial Engineer

  • Machine Learning Engineer

  • Marine Engineer

  • Materials Engineer

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • Mining & Geological Engineer

  • Nuclear Engineer

  • Optomechanical Engineer

  • Patent Examiner

  • Petroleum Engineer

  • Plant Engineer

  • Production Engineer

  • Robotics Engineer

  • Rotational Engineer

  • Software Development Engineer

  • Solar Energy Systems Engineer

  • Stress Analyst

  • Structural Engineer

  • Systems Analyst

  • Technical Writer

  • Technology Associate

  • Transportation Engineer

  • Urban Planning Engineer

  • Utilization Engineer

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