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Real Jobs for Real Majors:
What Can I Do with a Major in Environmental Science, Wildlife Management, or Forestry?

Real jobs for college graduates who major in environmental science, wildlife management, or forestry.

 Explore your career choices in this section of MyCollegeSuccessStory, which provides you with real job titles and careers that correspond with specific college majors. While your degree is important, so too is what you major in while in college. 

Job titles for graduates with environmental science, wildlife management, or forestry degrees:

  • Agroforester

  • Air Pollution Analyst

  • Air/Water Quality Manager

  • Arborist

  • Conservation Biologist

  • Conservation Lands Manager

  • Conservation Specialist

  • Desert Ecologist

  • Earth Scientist

  • Ecologist

  • Ecotour Guide

  • Environmental Analyst

  • Environmental Compliance Analyst

  • Environmental Health Specialist

  • Environmental Lobbyist

  • Environmental Planner

  • Environmental Scientist

  • Environmental Technician

  • EPA Inspector

  • Extension Agent

  • Field Assistant

  • Fisheries Biologist

  • Forest Biologist

  • Forest Ecologist

  • Forest Economist

  • Forest Geneticist

  • Forester

  • Game Warden

  • GIS Specialist

  • Habitat Manager

  • Hydrologist

  • Land Acquisition Specialist

  • Naturalist

  • Natural Resource Specialist

  • Park Ranger

  • Park Resource Ecologist

  • Reforestation Specialist

  • Research Technician

  • Silvicultural Researcher

  • Soil Conservation Technician

  • Teacher, Science

  • Timber Dealer

  • Urban Forester

  • Wildlife Refuge Manager

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