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Real Jobs for Real Majors:
What Can I Do with a Major in Foreign Language?

Real jobs for college graduates who major in a foreign language.

 Explore your career choices in this section of MyCollegeSuccessStory, which provides you with real job titles and careers that correspond with specific college majors. While your degree is important, so too is what you major in while in college. 

Job titles for graduates with foreign language degrees:

  • Advertising Copywriter

  • Archivist

  • Bilingual Counselor

  • Buyer

  • CIA/FBI Agent

  • Communications Specialist

  • Community Affairs Specialist

  • Court Interpreter

  • Cultural Officer

  • Curator

  • Customer Service Representative

  • Customs/Immigration Officer

  • Embassy Personnel

  • Flight Attendant

  • Foreign Correspondent

  • Foreign Credit Manager

  • Foreign Exchange Clerk

  • Foreign Film Dubber

  • Foreign Language Tutor

  • Foreign Service Officer/Agent

  • Foreign Student Advisor

  • Foreign Trade Analyst

  • Hotel Manager

  • Human Resources Specialist

  • Immigration Officer

  • Import/Export Representative

  • Intelligence Officer

  • International Banking Officer

  • International Conference Planner

  • International Trade Specialist

  • Interpreter

  • Marketing Analyst

  • Missionary

  • Peace Corps/VISTA Worker

  • Promotion Specialist

  • Proofreader

  • Publicity Assistant

  • Public Opinion Analyst

  • Public Relations Assistant

  • Social Worker

  • Teacher, Foreign Language

  • Tour Guide

  • Translator

  • Travel Agent

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