Study Skills Assessment Scoring

Thanks again for participating in our Study Skills Assessment.

There are multiple ways to score this assessment since it covers 11 study skills topics, but we'll start with the overall scoring.


For each statement, give yourself the following point values:

Always True 3 points

Often True 2 points

Sometimes True 1 point

Never True 0 points

Overall Assessment Score

75-99: You have fantastic study skills and should be achieving great academic success. You're at the top of your game!

49-74: You have some strong study skills, but you could do even better. Check your specific study skills scores below to see if you are weak in one or more areas. Now's the time to study smarter!

Under 49: You may have some strong study skills, but overall, you're in need of building your study skills. Check your specific study skills scores below to see where you are weak. Now's the time to perfect those study skills!

Specific Study Skills Scores

You can also evaluate your specific strengths and weaknesses on all 11 dimensions of study skills.

Use this scoring guide for each area:

8-9: You have superior skills in this area

5-7: You have decent skills that you could improve upon Under 5: This area is a weakness for you and must be improved

1. Academic Success. Add scoring for 1, 12, 23 to evaluate your academic success skills level.

2. Time Management. Add scoring for 2, 13, 24 to evaluate your time management skills level.

3. Concentration. Add scoring for 3, 14, 25 to evaluate your concentration skills level.

4. Study Methods. Add scoring for 4, 15, 26 to evaluate your study methods skills level.

5. Course Goals. Add scoring for 5, 16, 27 to evaluate your course goals skills level.

6. Note-Taking. Add scoring for 6, 17, 28 to evaluate your note-taking skills level.

7. Reading Comprehension. Add scoring for 7, 18, 29 to evaluate your reading skills level.

8. Test Prep. Add scoring for 8, 19, 30 to evaluate your test prep skills level.

9. Stress Management. Add scoring for 9, 20, 31 to evaluate your stress management skills level.

10. Writing Assignments. Add scoring for 10, 21, 32 to evaluate your writing assignment skills level.

11. Classroom Management. Add scoring for 11, 22, 33 to evaluate your classroom management skills level.

Questions about some of the terminology used in this article? Get more information (definitions and links) on key academic terms by going to our College Success Glossary

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